Version control with Git and GitHub

Gerard Capes

Version control with Git and GitHub

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Course timing

  • 09:00 – 12:00 Morning session
  • 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 – 16:00 Afternoon session

Teaching methods

  • Interactive, workshop-style course
    • Code along with the examples
    • Test your understanding in the exercises
  • Course notes
    • All examples and exercises are in the notes
    • Slides will remain online after the course

Getting help

  • Sticky notes/zoom reactions
    • Used for getting help and giving real-time feedback
    • Green = OK, ready to continue
    • Red = too fast, don’t understand, computer says no etc
  • Please interrupt me to ask questions
  • Peer learning
    • During exercises, please help each other as required
    • Please try to be quiet during worked examples so everyone can hear

What is a version control system?

  • Version control is a piece of software which allows you to record and preserve the history of changes made to directories and files.
  • If you mess things up, you can retrieve an earlier version of your project.

Storing versions without VCS

  • Save a copy elsewhere?
  • Save with a different name?
  • How do you name different versions?
  • What’s different between them?
  • Many of copies of nearly-identical but critically different files.

Why use version control

To store versions properly

  • VCS treats files as one project - one current version on disk, previous versions and variations are saved in a repository
  • VCS starts with a base version of the project, and only saves the subsequent changes you make
  • In order to save a new revision, a commit message is required, which explains why the changes were made.

Changes are saved sequentially

Different versions can be saved


Multiple versions can be merged


Why use version control?

  • Restore previous versions
  • Understand what happened
  • Backup
  • Collaboration

Before we get started

  • Example scenario
  • Text files vs binary files
  • Git vs GitHub

Check setup was a success

ssh -T
Hi yourusername! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

Open the notes

Why learn the commands?

The staging area

Exercise 1

Create your own repo

Switching to a previous commit: “detached HEAD”


Three exercises on branching


Create a new commit


Delete commit(s)

Exercises on remote collaboration


Feedback form


Merge vs rebase

Standard merge

Rebase onto master

(FF) merge after rebase

Forks and Pull Requests

Send me a PR!