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  • Reflect on how version control would help with the starting scenario

We’ve seen how we can use version control to:

Now, consider again our initial scenario:

If someone asks you, “Can you process a new data file in exactly the same way as described in your journal paper? Or can I have the code to do it myself?” You can use your version control logs and tags to easily retrieve the exact version of the code that you used.

Version control serves as a log book for your software and documents, ideas you’ve explored, fixes you’ve made, refactorings you’ve done, false paths you’ve explored - what was changed, who by, when and why - with a powerful undo and redo feature!

It also allows you to work with others on a project, whether that be writing code or papers, down to the level of individual files, without the risk of overwriting and losing each others work, and being able to record and understand who changed what, when, and why.

Upload your own code

If you have code that you’re currently working on, which isn’t under version control create a new repo on GitHub and upload it today!

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Key Points

  • Use version control whenever possible